We are recording testimonies and prophetic words from individuals prayer walking this summer. The button below will take you to an online form for you to complete and you can upload any photos or completed children’s resources from here too.

Share a prophetic word

Prophetic words are key, they bring revelation and life, provide keys to unlock situations, encourage and inspire. The Bible is full of prophesy, both the Old and the New Testament, it is one of the ways God talks to us and reveals His heart.

Please use this form to share the prophetic word the Lord has given you related to the vision of South Downs Awakening.

Share a testimony

There has never been a more important time to call God’s people and the church to pray for revival and awakening. We hold onto the scripture given: Joshua 1:3 ‘Every place the sole of your foot treads upon I have given to you’ this is what we are releasing as we walk the land in 2020. We are excited to hear the testimonies as people walk in unity over the land seeking the Lord and sowing in His word.

This simple form is so that you can share what God has done recently as you have walked the land as part of South Downs Awakening, so we can glorify him as a body.

If you want to send use prophetic pictures, photos or scans of your Heavenly Times covers, you can use this link.

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