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What does South Downs Awakening cost?

The cost of SDA is dependent on the number of days you wish to participate in.

Walking the Land costs £7 per day. This helps cover some of the cost of the first aid team and the coaches that will shuttle folks back and forth from the walk to their vehicles.

Camping on Friday 17th July costs £5 per person. We will be facilitating a simple campsite on the Wiston Estate for all those who wish to stay the night on site and take part in all the exciting elements of the evening and following morning.

Gathering as One on Saturday 18th July costs £15 per adult, while 2-16 year olds cost £7, under 2’s are free. This helps cover some of the cost for the event itself and the lunch we will be serving.

Can I walk odd days?

Yes, you can choose to walk any combination of days from either direction. You might choose Day One and Day Five, in which case choose ‘Two Days’ from the ticketing option and select the first and fifth day from the drop down menu.

You can also walk days from different directions. For example, you could walk out of Eastbourne on the first day, then take a few days break, before taking the final leg from Winchester direction, coming through Storrington into Chanctonbury. To do this, please process each direction of tickets

What if I can’t afford a ticket?

We are keen for churches to gather together their crew and join in with South Downs Awakening as a community. If you are struggling to afford the cost of a ticket, please liaise with your local church and see if they are able to help support you in attending. 

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, tickets for South Downs Awakening will not be available on the day from us directly. You will however be able to purchase tickets online up until the event itself. If you turn up realising you have yet to purchase a ticket, but have access to a smartphone you will be able to purchase the ticket and show us a digital version.

Do I need to print my ticket or can I show an e-ticket?

We encourage you not to print your ticket. Save a piece of paper, ensure your device is sufficiently charged and bring an e-ticket to show us.

Do I have to walk every day or can I choose the day(s) I can participate in?

You can choose to walk some or all of the days.

What should I wear?

Comfortable and supportive footwear, and suitable clothing dependent
upon the weather e.g. waterproofs, sun hat etc.

Anything else I should take?

Everyone should have a large reusable bottle of water with them. Bring a drink and snacks. For longer walks, a packed lunch is also advisable. Sunscreen protection will be necessary on hotter days. We also recommend from a first aid point of view to bring dehydration sachets, bandages and plasters in case you trip, and compeed plasters in case of blisters.

Will the walk go ahead whatever the weather?

South Downs Awakening will be going ahead whatever the weather. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear depending on conditions. Bring a drink and snacks too.

Can I bring children and dogs?

Yes, bring the whole family including dogs, if you wish! Children over the age of 2 are charged at the regular price as they require a full seat on the coach. Children under 2 are free if you are happy to carry them on your lap per the coach guidelines. If you prefer to have them in a car seat in their own seat, please purchase an additional ticket for them. Please note that only three dogs can be accommodated per coach, and they must fit between your feet out of the aisle and off the chairs at all times. Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure your child can walk the distance and dogs must be kept on a lead, for more information visit our Terms.

Can I cycle / run / horse ride?

Absolutely, the footpaths and bridleways of the South Downs Way are open to all. If you are uncertain whether a certain section is suitable for cycling or horse riding, be sure to check the South Downs National Park website.

Will first aiders be present each day?

Although fully trained first aiders will be present, all walkers walk at their own risk, and none of the organisers can take responsibility for any personal injury arising on a walk.

Will there be route maps for each day?

We will be providing the start and end locations of each day. We’ll also have our walk leaders at the front of the walk, and our back markers will be ensuring that everyone makes it safely to the finish line and on time for the final coach pick up. A number of our team will be walking along the way in distinct t-shirts in case you are unsure about which way to go next. We recommend you bring your own map to coincide with the signs dotted along the South Downs Way just in case.

Can I volunteer for SDA?

Absolutely, we would love for you to apply as a volunteer for SDA. Please visit our Serve On Team page for more information.

Where should I park on each day?

In the springtime, we’ll be notifying all walkers of the exact details of the start and end points each day, including where to park. This will be posted on our website, as well as the handbook that will be available for walkers. Keep a look out for an email coming your way once this has been announced.

Is their disabled access for the walk?

Certain parts of the South Downs Way are more accessible than others. During the springtime a number of renovation projects are done on the trail to make it as accessible as possible. If you are keen to find out more about certain sections of the walk and whether they are appropriate for your needs, we recommend getting in touch with the South Downs National Park.

What facilities are being provided for the camping?

We’re keeping things simple for our campsite. We’ll have some fires setup, toilets and a first aider on site. Bring your own tent, camping gear, cooking facilities and expect to find lots of other believers excited to gather together.

When does the campsite run from and to?

The campsite will kick off on Friday 17th July 2020 at 3pm. Parking instructions will be sent to those camping and available on the website. The campsite will be a very short walk from your vehicle. All tents must be removed by 10am on Saturday morning as the field will change usage shortly after. Please ensure your tents and equipment are stored safely in your vehicle, and that you are parked in the correct area.

Is there anything happening during the Friday evening?

Absolutely. We are hoping to see a number of events organically develop over the next few months. For now though, we can share that there will be an all night prayer and worship service taking place at Wiston Church. The campsite will also be a great place to connect with other believers around the campfire, sharing testimonies and stories from the walk.

Where can we leave belongings during the Gathering as One?

If you are camping, belongings are best left in your vehicle. There will be a security guard at the camping car park all day. If you are just attending the Gathering for the day, you’ll need to keep all belongings on you at all times for safety reasons. We’ll be providing lunch, water, toilets and activities for throughout the day so you should be fine to not bring much.

Where do I park for the Gathering?

We have arranged for parking at the Lime Quarry in Washington just off the Washington Bostal, near the Washington Car Park. Please pack your cars full of people attending, we have very limited space for vehicles and your assistance is appreciated. Coming as a large group? Please arrange a coach or minibus to bring you all.

Our church is coming as a large group, how can we best arrange transport?

We highly recommend churches travel as one large group in a minibus or coach. If you need recommendations of companies that can help facilitate this, check out a list here. Please let us know if you are planning on doing this as we are facilitating a separate parking area for coaches and minibuses to ease our parking situation.

Is their disabled access for the gathering?

Absolutely. We are arranging where the best disabled parking will be and will keep all those who have let us know during the ticketing process that they are a blue badge holder with mobility needs up to date. From this parking spot, there will be a mobility van shuttling the blue badge holder and one carer as close to the site venue as possible. Please note that you will still need to be able to negotiate approximately 200m from the drop off point to the site venue. The site venue is a field on top of a hill and presents disabled access issues, but we will have disabled toilets, and our team will be available to help however they can.

What can I expect at the gathering?

Quite simply, expect to see believers from all backgrounds and denominations gathering together to worship Jesus and to pray as one for revival and awakening in the land. 12pm will start with prayer and worship. At 1pm, lunch will be served to all those in attendance. At 2pm, we’ll resume with more worship and prayer, before wrapping up at 6pm with a beacon.

What food will be served at the gathering?

We’re keeping the food simple, tasty and as locally sourced as possible. We’ll have roast lambs cooking over spits, stuffing, mint sauce, rolls, salads and coleslaw. For vegetarians there will be falafel burgers, yoghurt and flatbreads. If you have allergies, we ask you to connect with the food servers directly to identify what each item contains. We’ll have water taps for folks in need of some replenishment, but we encourage you to bring your own water in a reusable container.

What is happening at the end of the gathering?

At the end of the gathering on Saturday, we’ll be lighting a beacon on top of Chanctonbury Ring as a statement of the fire God has lit throughout the week in believers, churches and hearts across the region. 

Where can I stay overnight during South Downs Awakening?

If you are looking for places to stay during the event, we have a number of accommodation options which we would recommend and you can view in our accommodation page. This also includes the option to stay at the South Downs Awakening campsite on the final night of the walk in Wiston which can be booked on our Ticketing page.

Got more questions? We’d love to hear from you.