This is an exciting opportunity for your family to get out and pray together for revival in this land. Children’s prayers are powerful, there is no junior Holy Spirit, and they have a unique ability to tap into God’s heart and hear from Him. Here are some materials for the family to get fully engaged and not just brought along for a walk.

Bubbles of Joy

Bring some bubbles along with you for your family walk and ask the Holy Spirit where to stop. Blow bubbles as a symbol of God bringing Joy to our region. Watch the bubbles float away and ask God to fill the land with His presence and joy.

Declare: The joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10) 

Painting Stones

In the Bible we see stones being laid to remember God’s promises. Before you walk, ask the Lord for promises and paint these on a pebble – it could simply be a rainbow with the words ‘Trust in the Lord’, or a heart – ‘God’s heart is for you’. As you walk, choose a spot to leave the stone to encourage those who come across them. 

Declare: Read out your promise and pray for all those who will read it.

Heavenly Times

Download our Heavenly Times newspaper cover and get creative. Draw images, and write articles of what God is showing you for your family, your region and this nation. Declare God’s promises and truths as you write!

Declare: Speak out your headlines and pray for the reality of your prophetic news.

You can upload your completed Heavenly Times covers here

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