Why SDA?

written by James Rushforth // Sept 2019

“When the word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed, the world has ever seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and Welsh revivals of former years.”

Smith Wigglesworth, 1947

Over 70 years ago, the great evangelist Smith Wigglesworth foresaw a series of seismic changes within the church in Great Britain. As time has ticked gently by, everything Smith prophesied has come to pass. All but one, that is. Revival.

We believe this move of the Holy Spirit is fast approaching, that this time of revival will soon be upon us. As always though, and in line with our Heavenly Father’s nature, we have a part to play.

SDA is an invitation. It is a rallying call. A call to women and men of faith. A call to all people who are called by His name to come together and to pray, to humble themselves and to seek His face.

We cannot do it without you…it will not happen without Him!

Join us.