What is God calling us to in this moment?

written by Jonathon Dyke // April 2020

My name is Jonathon Dyke and I am part of the church staff at
Kingdom Faith Church. I lead our congregation in Worthing and I am
also one of the SDA ambassadors.

You may be reading this around Easter Sunday, when there was an
expectation that the Covid-19 epidemic was expected to peak and to
begin to decline….
It is good to remind ourselves of the work and the Power of the cross,
which appears to be foolishness and defeat to some but wisdom and
victory for others…..the difference between these, of course, is our
faith in Jesus!

I was invited by the SDA team – who are doing an amazing job of
praying, planning, organising and sorting out a ton of things – to share
a few thoughts and some prayer tips and pointers which I hope will

Stand in the confidence of “like faith” to Jesus;
2 Corinthians 4:13
Pray for church leaders and members to hear the “call to arms”,
especially those who are in the SDA “footprint” between Eastbourne
and Winchester.
Pray for those in authority to be filled with all wisdom and knowledge
Pray for the SDA team as they continue to prepare for the prayer walk
Declare over the land the favour and blessing of The Lord
Let the HS lead in the bringing prophetic words, pictures or dreams
(It’s good to write these down and date them) then share them with
someone in leadership-being aware of “social distancing”
Allow the HS to add His words to our prayer language…this may be
something new for you, but allow The Lord to express Himself.
Remember, our prayers are powerful and praise is effective when the
HS leads us.

In conclusion:
God has spoken over many years of the strategic place that the south
coast has in His plan for our nation.
How the prayer, praise and worship of the saints are building a
spiritual atmosphere, releasing Kingdom faith and power not only
over the south coast but also across the nation and beyond!
As we choose to give thanks and give praise, using the Word of God
as our report;
Psalms 149:6

The weapons of our warfare are mighty;
2 Corinthians 10:3-4
He is able to do far more than we ask or imagine;
Ephesians 3:20-21
He (The Lord) inhabits the praises of His people;
Psalms 22:3
And finally a good reason why the SDA prayer, praise and worship
walk will be so powerful!
Psalm 22:22

Every blessing