The story so far….

written by Suzy Rushforth // Aug 2019

Is the question I was asked.  How did this all begin, the start of this journey, this unfolding adventure, an adventure with God.

For us the adventure has really only begun, but the story started with those who have gone before, who prayed for the land, and its communities.  More recently there are many connected with South Downs Awakening who have been interceding for the land for over 50 years. Through these faithful men and women of God, the Father has given prophesies and words about his plans and purposes, a growing sense that God is on the move.  

Fast forward to 2009 and the vision that our Rector had which you can read about on the website, of the South East of England, and God moving powerfully to revive His Church and awaken the communities and land echo’s many of the these words.  He felt led to ‘walk the land’ in prayer resulting in a 24-hour, 32-mile prayer walk around the Mid-Sussex area to which every church along the route to was invited to participate. There was much amazing fruit, church leaders and churches working much more closely, significant breakthroughs and miracles. However the sense was the Lord was saying wait to walk the length of the South Downs……. Until now.

In 2018, the Lord said 2020 was the year – the year to walk the land together in prayer and praise, and to gather as one to pray for revival in the Church and awakening across the South East and so a team was gathered with Bishop Richard of Lewes as our Patron.  The main scripture the Lord gave is from Joshua 1:3 – “Every place the sole of your foot treads upon I have given to you…” this is what we are releasing as we walk the land in 2020.

The next part of the story is how God is gathering and drawing people to be part of this in extraordinary ways as only He does.  We are a team who have said yes to the adventure, whose hearts burn to see heaven on earth released here, now, to see lives transformed, the land alive, to see the church in the widest sense revived.  Each of us living resurrection lives as Father intended.

Sounds simple and in many ways it is, but importantly this is not just ‘another Christian event’ we want to be faithful to what the Lord has asked of us and to ensure the prayer walk and gather as one are well planned and organised, so that is what we are busy working on.  As well as logistics, we are getting ready to send the invitation to as many churches and groups as we can. 

I pray you too will join this adventure and be part of the unfolding story that we know will have an epic ending….. heaven on earth.