The Power of Testimony

written by Richard Gamble // April 2020

We have an amazing opportunity right now. Lockdown has brought a stripping back of our normal routine, but it has also given us time and space to let our minds think, and remember, and enjoy what God has done in our life.

God is very clear on the point of remembering. It’s not a sombre or nostalgic concept. Looking back to what He has done fuels faith. The theme of testimony is a thread that runs right through the bible.

Early on in Genesis 28, Jacob memorialises the time that God speaks to him in a dream. The experience is so powerful that he sets up a commemorative stone, and subsequently, this pillar becomes an important centre for worship for many who come after him. Being intentional to remember was also something the Israelite shepherds would do as well. Every time they saw God’s hand in their daily life, they would mark their staff. These engravings built up over time, an ever-increasing, intricate portrait of God’s goodness. When they doubted, they could simply look at their stick, remember what He had done and gain confidence in His character and intention toward them.

Joshua was another person who harnessed the power of remembrance as an active way to spark faith. After God parted the Jordan River, he led the twelve tribes of Israel to remove boulders from the riverbed to erect into a memorial in the Promised Land. These stones became a testimony, signposting people to remember God’s love and miraculous assistance, not just for those who witnessed the wonder, but for those who lived generations after.

In the New Testament, Jesus gives us the most powerful example of remembering when he explicitly tells his disciples to break bread and drink wine in remembrance of him. A powerful act we still do today to remind ourselves of his incredible love and miracle of resurrection.

Rounding up in Revelation 12:11, we see that remembering is a powerful weapon and believers can triumph over the devil “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” This is emphasised by the incredible verse in 19:10: “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” When we talk about what God has done, it becomes a prophecy of what He can do

Practically, what does this mean? Deuteronomy 4:9 charges us to be careful, and watch ourselves so that we do not forget the things our eyes have seen or let them fade from our heart as long as we live. That’s a big ask! God encourages us to teach the things we have seen to our children and to our children after us. It’s an ongoing commission.
So what are we going to do to remember what God has done? And how are we going to share that? Our answered prayers are a gift that must be stewarded and treasured for eternity. We need to share our stories.

That’s why I’m working to build The Wall of Answered Prayer. It’ll be a national landmark of hope, a huge testimony hub, a place where people can visit and access at least one million answers to prayer. Each brick will recount a personal, specific way in which God has guided, healed, helped or provided for people both now and in the past. ‘10,000 Testimonies’ is our latest focus to ask as many people as possible to contribute their answered prayers to this incredible project.

Because we know that testimonies instantly increase our faith levels and grow expectation. They invite others to dream again. They show others what is possible. When we face challenges in life, instead of focusing on obstacles ahead, the answer is to look back and contemplate everything God has already done. Testimony is our springboard to hope.

So, will you join us in remembering? We are looking for people to share their answered prayers with us. We want to see Jesus’ miraculous and loving nature celebrated through one million testimonies of answered prayer. We believe that this will ignite faith and belief in the power of
prayer on a national level.

Take a look at our latest video and spend five minutes of your day to inspire not only yourself, but people you will never meet. Let’s show the UK, and future generations the incredible power of testimony. Share your answered prayer with us today:

Richard is an amazing storyteller, and the visionary behind The Wall of Answered Prayer, a huge Christian national landmark to be built in 2022. A colossal structure all about the power of testimony. Prior to launching this audacious project, Richard was chaplain of Leicester City Football Club (before they were famous)!