‘…the Lord has been faithful.’

written by Jane Holloway // Feb 2020

When I first was introduced to the vision of SDA I was both encouraged and challenged!

Encouraged because of the way that the SDA vision links into the rivers of prayer that the Holy Spirit has been releasing across the British Isles family of nations in the last 30+ years of calling the people of God – from across different traditions and of all ages – into His prayer adventure.  When I was called from working in mobilising and training for evangelism into the sphere of prayer some 25 years ago I had no idea of what God had already done and was planning to do.   But consulting with two different leaders as to what might be on His heart, they both were given the same picture – one of a boat of prayer that He was about to sail across our nations that would go to every hamlet, village, town, city and place. Interestingly, one boat was a rowing boat which needed people to get in in order to row; whereas the other was a sailing boat which needed people to crew.  And as I look at the landscape across our nations today we see how the Lord has been faithful to His word we have seen prayer being mobilised in many and various ways in regions, counties, cities towns and in every sphere of society!  I continually marvel at the dedication of those He has called and is calling to respond to His invitation to pray for the assignments they have each been given. 

Challenged – because it can be so easy to slip into old routines, stay in the comfortable ruts of my everyday full on life and not be fully attentive to the call of the Spirit to be alert, to be prepared to move out and do something new. SDA is both an assignment from the throne room but also an invitation for all to take part in whatever way is possible –on site or from our homes – to see revival in the Church and awakening in the Land. And we don’t need to wait until July! 

Jane Holloway, National Prayer Director, World Prayer Centre, Birmingham UK www.worldprayer.org.uk