Taking the Ground

written by Lou DiCastiglione // March 2020

I was reading the book of Joshua recently and as I was reading about the Lord giving them the land belonging to their enemies, all the blood shed that took place, the plunder and the new occupants of the land, I found myself enquiring of the Lord  ‘what does this mean for today?’  I wondered whether the Lord still wanted us to ‘take ground’ and if so, how do we do that?

In Joshua, the sequence of events was: the Lord spoke to Joshua and told him to take the land, the Lord promised he would give him the land, Joshua and the army followed the Lord’s commands and put to death every living thing, and so Joshua took the land.  

For Joshua and the army, the outcome of the battle to take the land was never in doubt, God had given it to them, they just needed to follow his commands, but, taking ground, always involved death.

I believe God is still calling us today to take the land for him today.

God wants to further and further extend his kingdom, where his ways are obeyed and manifested and his name is honoured and where he can be Lord above all other things, just as we pray ‘your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’.

Joshua and the army killed every living things so that God’s people and God’s presence (in the ark of the covenant) could occupy the land.

God is still calling us today to ‘put to death’, to take land and extend his territory, so that more and more of the earth can reflect what it looks like in heaven.

However, I believe our part in ‘putting to death’ today is not through the sword, and of course not killing people (!),  but through repentance.

Through prayer, we can identify ourselves with wrong things that have gone before, or are still going and we can ask the Lord to cleanse and deliver our land.

Through prayers of repentance we can pray on behalf of our people, our land and our nation. 

Through repentance we ‘put to death’ everything that is an ‘enemy’ of God, in our own lives and on behalf of our land. We can then take the land and extend the territory of God’s kingdom by dedicating the land and consecrating it back to God and blessing the land to reflect more of heaven.

Where there has been independence abroad our land, we can put it to death in prayer, dedicate the land to God and release unity.

Where there has been control, we can repent and release freedom and submission.

Where there has been perversion, we can take that ground in repentance and bless the land with purity.

Where there has been fear, we can capture that enemy through repentance and release perfect love.

This summer as we walk our land together, let’s repent and put to death all that has gone on before, let’s consecrate the land back to God and bless the land to shine with all the glory of God. In so doing we can have full assurance of the outcome, just as Joshua did, and we can take hold of the promise of what the Lord said to Joshua ‘I will give you every place where your foot is set’.