Revival Chats // 01

with Jonathan & Melissa Helser // Aug 2019

Almost every church at some point in their history will have a prayer meeting for revival or an aspiration at the back of their minds, or they’ll have a speaker who will come in and say, ‘let’s go for revival’. But what is this revival that we’re all praying for and believing for, hoping for, crying out for?

Our founder James di Castiglione caught up with Jonathan and Melissa Helser whilst they were in the UK for David’s Tent to hear their insights into just that – revival.

Jonathan and Melissa live in the woods of Sophia, North Carolina with their family where they lead worship, run the Cageless Birds collective as well as the 18 Inch Journey – a discipleship school for those looking to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Jonathan believes a yearning for revival is simply the human heart knowing, ‘there’s more’. He sums up Jesus’ mission with two phrases, ‘I’ve come to give you abundant life’ and ‘I’ve come to destroy the works of the enemy’. For Jonathan, that is the boiled down version of what revival looks like – the works of the enemy being demolished by the love of God. Families thriving, marriages flourishing, sons and daughters and mothers and fathers turning to one another and learning from each other. We know it’s a real revival when it’s not just happening at a meeting but it’s flowing into families in the church and beyond that into the community, the schools and businesses.

Melissa went on to share that true revival transcends the corporate gathering and affects the 99% of your life. She’s curious if God is redefining ‘revival’, because for a long time that’s meant meetings, which play a huge part in revival but if that doesn’t begin to leak into the way we love each other, the way we deal with conflict, the way we lay down our lives, is it revival? What was Jesus doing for his 30 years? He was doing family, he was going to weddings and funerals, he was learning to grieve and rejoice and he was learning a craft, simply enjoying humanity. Even during his three years of active ministry, it was all family, mixed with short moments of these huge gatherings before he returned to walking, talking, eating, praying.

And so we invite you to join us. The South Downs Awakening 2020, where we imitate Jesus and cry out for more of him. Join us as we walk the land, talk to each other, eat together and ultimately gather together to pray for revival and an awakening of this land. Sign up for more information today, and book the dates into your calendar. This will be a defining moment in our land.

Watch the full interview here:

Original interview by James di Castiglione
Edited by Andrew White