written by Sarah White // Feb 2020

Prayer walking comes with a health warning!

Expect God to change your heart!

Expect God to act, through YOU!

Expect God to break down walls, and do miracles through your prayers!

One of my early experiences of prayer walking was in the Atlas Mountains, with a group. We walked along dry river beds, praying for the Spirit of God to be poured out in the land. We cried out for wells to reopen where knowledge of a living relationship with Father God had been lost for centuries since St Augustine walked there. Curious shepherds watched us praying for dreams and visions of Jesus to be released in mud brick homes.

We were welcomed into families of strangers, given tea and flatbread, torn in two by the host. Our hearts were changed, warmed. Moved by compassion and love now, our prayers became deep longings from our hearts for a people God loves.

A member of our intergenerational home group was struggling to settle in her new street. The neighbours, it seemed, didn’t want her and her daughter there. Excrement was pushed through the letter box. Rubbish was thrown over their fence. We decided as a group, to prayer walk the street and listen in pairs to what God was saying. Houses were unkempt. People were needy. Children as well as adults heard God speak. We needed to act in the opposite spirit! We planned a give away and collected furniture, clothes, toys, books, and made cakes. The Scout Hut on the street was packed with all ages. It was the beginning.

For several years every Saturday morning we went to the street, picking up rubbish, knocking on doors, Is there anything we can do to help? We gardened, we ironed, we cleaned, we made friends, and yes, we continued to prayer walk. We are still seeing fruit from those days.

Two of our children went to our local Primary School. A friend and I volunteered to run a Prayer Group for the school but there was no response. We prayer walked the circumference of the school weekly until one day, a young boy, very sadly, died in the playground of a pre-existing condition. The following day, I opened the front door to find the Headmistress in a state. “Can you please start a prayer group? We’re not coping”. Eight parents gathered immediately to pray. Numbers grew to around forty. Mums came to faith. Every Wednesday at drop off, we met to pray. We prayer walked the school on the inside each term or so, praying in every classroom. Teachers gave us prayer requests. I will never forget the day they asked us to pray for funding for a new classroom. We were still praying when the Head called us. She had just received a gift of £40,000!

So as we prepare to prayer walk the South Downs Way, what am I expecting?

For God to change my heart and give me His love for those who live in the area? For those we meet on the way?

For God to speak to me and challenge me to get involved with the issues He brings to light?

For Father God to transform relationships and bring financial miracles to those we pray for?

Bring it on, Lord Jesus!!