written by Paul Oakley // February 2020

God is speaking intently as we move closer to South Downs Awakening 2020! He is stirring our hearts and readying us for all He has in store for this summer as we prepare to walk the land and pray for His Kingdom to come so deeply in this place, this nation. Allow this prophetic word/vision ignite something in your spirits…

‘Whilst praying for South Downs Awakening, I had a prophetic vision/picture which I have been sitting on for a while. It remains vivid and I really felt the Lord prompt me to share it with you. 

I saw a pile of rough coals being gathered in a heap, by hand. They were like raw natural coals, each chunk different and unique, (presumably extracted from the ground as opposed to that uniform rounded/oval ‘coalite’ stuff my grandparents used to burn!?) I saw a hand placing them carefully in a heap. I couldn’t see where they were coming from but because they were being placed by hand, I figured they must have been valuable. They were glowing orange and yellow around some of their shaper corners and edges but they were not flaming, parts of them were still black and other parts that had been glowing had gone grey.

I then saw these huge bellows being aimed at the coals from one side and two hands began to pump these bellows, whilst simultaneously a wind (or breath?) came from above and blew down on the coals. They began to glow furiously and then ignite and burst into flame. I could now no longer see the coals as distinct individual coals but it became one furious fire, the brightness of which was so bright, it prevented me seeing the individual coals themselves anymore. Only the fiery flames were all I could see.

I saw the hand that had placed the coals come and pick them out of the fire one by one, now fully aflame, and place them back where they had been brought from. It was only then that I saw they had been brought from surrounding towns and villages. They were placed back in the centre of their communities and they blazed brightly and began to catch fire to their surrounding area. The coals were obviously churches. I saw some specifically being placed in certain towns and was surprised that some were beyond the reaches of the SDA prayer walk. Along with Storrington, Arundel and Chichester to the West, I also saw Portsmouth and Winchester and I saw Hastings, Canterbury and Tonbridge to the East. There were many coals in the fire still to be placed back where they came from. I just saw a few.

But, then I saw those coals, as they burned in their towns and villages, begin to start fires of their own, some spreading as if though they grew arms and hands and fingers and as if they were reaching towards the other fires, as if they desired to join hands and they burned everything in their path until they were one fire again, as they had been when the Lord had first gathered them.’

It is so exciting to think of all that God is already doing, to prepare our hearts and minds for all that He is has in store for us. We are so grateful for His wonder and kindness. We’re thankful that He is stirring up the wells in this land, wells that are going to reopen and birth something far greater than we could have ever imagined happening in this land. He reigns above it all; the sadness, the depression, the sickness, the broken relationships. We will never be the same again. Redemption is coming. Wholeness and renewed minds are coming. Our hearts are going to be burning more than they ever have done. Our awakening is happening.