Covid-19 update

An important update on South Downs Awakening 2020 – 22nd May 2020

Two years ago the Lord asked us to plan for 2020, to gather the churches in prayer, to walk the South Downs way in unity, to issue a call to arms – to see revival in every church and an awakening across the land. We have been working hard, focused on a week in July to walk and gather together.

We now find ourselves in a unique time and situation, and everything has changed. In response we have fasted and prayed, enquiring of the Lord – how do we proceed in honouring what our Government says but also honouring what the Lord has asked of us?

Resoundingly and in unity, we feel Father God crying out, YES, continue to call my church, my people, to prayer and to walk the land, the time is NOW. There has never been a more important time to call my people and the church to pray for revival and awakening. We hold onto the scripture given: Joshua 1:3 ‘Every place the sole of your foot treads upon I have given to you’ this is what we are releasing as we walk the land in 2020.

How is SDA going to continue in the current situation?

To be clear, we are not able to go ahead with the original plans to walk together, organised centrally, and gathering as one at the end of the week.

However, we are encouraging and calling the Church to prayer walk the South Downs in families or households through July and August, not simply focused on one week in July.

Due to COVID-19, we cannot provide central organisational infrastructure to support this, but we will be providing online resources to equip, inspire and catch what God does through this time.

The Church is dispersed into our homes, so we want to release South Downs Awakening as a call to arms for us all to press into God in prayer on the land in this unprecedented and unique national time.

We also feel we are to lay down the Gathering as One event, until and if the Lord asks us to pick it back up in the future. If you have purchased tickets for SDA we will be in touch in due course.

So what is the plan?

Nationally the government has advised us to remain with those in our homes, but have relaxed this a little meaning that we can now go outside with one other person from another household. In light of this, we are encouraging you, everyone – the Church – to use this summer to walk and pray now.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing a video sharing how we are interpreting the prophetic and God’s leading at this time. We will include more information about what we are proposing for SDA in light of this extraordinary global moment.

For now we are keen to share a little about what we are planning for the key weeks and months ahead: We will be providing resources online, including maps, how to prayer walk, ideas to engage all the family, key biblical and prophetic words to sow into the land, to declare, to bless, and to pray for every church and every community.

We will be making available ways of feeding back prophetic words and testimonies during this time so that we can all catch God’s bigger picture. If you are a church leader, we are keen to offer you tools for your church community to be part of this. In particular, we want to make our resources available widely so that anyone across the nation could readily pick these up and begin prayer walking in their region.

We recognise many of you were keen and excited to gather as one, and none of us expected where we find ourselves. However, we are thrilled at the opportunity to do this together in spirit as one body and one Church.

Can you imagine if this summer thousands of us soaked the South Downs in prayer to see every church flourish in revival and an awakening across the land to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us join together as believers across this region and to cry out to God for an awakening. Stay tuned for more updates on our website coming soon.

With all our love, The South Downs Awakening Team 

Friday 22nd May 2020