South Downs Awakening coronavirus update (COVID-19)

“…we are looking to Awaken the Land for God’s glory, not only here, but to pass the flame of revival on to others in the United Kingdom and around the world.”

If we want to see our land and its people thrive, walk with the knowledge and peace of knowing God as Father, then we need to invest in the future. We need to sow seeds of prayer into and over our land, the place we live. We need to call what is not yet, into being. We have friends, who over the decades have been faithfully walking and praying over this land and its communities. 

In 2018, we were given a prophecy that the time was now to release the vision given in 2009 and to start organising a prayer walk along the South Downs in 2020. This is a c100 mile walk through beautiful countryside, overlooking the land, to the north, and the sea to the south. One end in the city of Winchester, the other by Beachy Head and the town of Eastbourne. We feel there is huge spiritual significance is linking these two places together; thanking God for this place and praising his name in the high places of this land. 

“There’s been an amazing wave of revival coming in over the South Downs area for many years, and it’s great to see SDA as another surfer riding the wave along with the Big Church Day Out, Davids Tent, and all that the local churches have been contending for over so many years.”Tim Jupp (Big Church Day Out)

“South Downs Awakening is a fantastic initiative completely in line with what we are seeing the Spirit do all around the country and indeed overseas. There is a growing discontent and hunger for God’s great ‘more’ and a unanimous longing to turn to the Lord in a new way. It’s an extraordinary season.”Pete Greig (24/7 Prayer)

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