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“I saw angels on horseback riding along the South Downs Way carrying banners. I knew the angels were preparing the path ready for what is to come and partnering with us. A gold line is being drawn underlining what God is doing across the nation.”


“About 3 years ago we were in a meeting in a house in Shoreham at the foot of the Downs. I saw a vision of an angel encampment. Tents pitched on the flat area on the top of the Downs. I sensed they were waiting for the call to battle.”


“I was driving along the South Downs and clearly saw a fortress on the hillside. I thought, “how come I’ve never seen that before?” I blinked and it wasn’t there anymore. Immediately I heard two words … garrison and citadel. “Garrison”: “ a group of troops stationed in a fortress or town to defend the locality. “Citadel”: a fortress, typically one on high ground above a town or city.”


“I saw the ground had been cleared of weeds and was raked but very dry. Under the earth I could see thousands of different seeds all waiting. Above were huge clouds heavy with rain but not yet ready to be released. I asked God “what do we need to do for the rain to come?” “Bow down low and speak to the land.” I saw followers of Jesus on their knees, faces touching the ground and speaking into the earth – what they were saying was all scripture, each one declaring the word of God to the ground.”


“The move of the Spirit across the South Downs is gathering momentum. The King of creation is coming back to take his land with a mighty force. But he is coming with intention. He asks us this: Are you deep in the land and soil? Is there a tool in hand? Have you learned to pick up what he has given you?”


“While prayer walking the South Downs, we have been praying for our children, one by one, welcoming back the prodigals among them. Then we prayed for the prodigals from the churches and in the nation that God would call them back in, that their ears and eyes  would be opened. The prodigals are a sign of what’s to come and an especially precious blessing.”